Contract clauses

Terms of sale


1) The booking of the service is confirmed upon receipt of the balance (equal to 100% of the amount, except for personalized services and agreed with the suppliers' back-office).

2) In case of WITHDRAWAL by the CUSTOMER, 100% will be refunded if the cancellation occurs 6 hours before the agreed service. In the event that the cancellation occurs from 5.59h to one hour before the service, the refund will be 70% of the total value.

2.1) For services to and from hotels, we are not responsible for the impossibility of using their pier if you are NOT a customer of the structure.

3) In the case of WITHDRAWAL by the SUPPLIER, due to reasons of force majeure or other strictly personal, unforeseeable, urgent (e.g. health problems), the SUPPLIER will immediately notify the CUSTOMER and will propose an alternative where possible (https: / / such as not to change the means of transport used to reach the embarkation (and leave at the disembarkation); or, the customer can choose to be reimbursed for the amount paid without requesting any penalty from the supplier.

4) Any changes to timetables and boarding must be communicated through the various channels available.

4.1) Free 10-minute stop. After the free parking, the supplement will cost 1 € / minute.

4.2) On-site payment for parking and last-minute supplements.

5) The cruise program may vary daily at the captain's discretion based on weather conditions or other navigation or mooring needs. Being Digital srls will not be in any way responsible for changes in the program, stops, waste of time and / or interruptions deriving from initiatives or decisions taken by the captain to protect the safety of navigation, in particular for unfavorable weather conditions.

6) If due to factors not dependent on the will of the commander (for example unfavorable weather conditions) the planned ports of embarkation and disembarkation should be unreachable or impracticable, the same commander can decide the most appropriate alternatives and will communicate them for time for embarked Guests. No damage or compensation can be requested for any such unforeseen and consequent inconveniences.

7) Being Digital srls undertakes to make the boat available to Customers in perfect conditions, in compliance with current regulations and complete with all the safety equipment required for the type of navigation that will be carried out.

8) In the event of unforeseen breakdowns or breakdowns that may require a stop for repair, the captain undertakes to make this period as short as possible. If the period exceeds the continuous hour, the Customer can request a refund.

9) The Suppliers declare that they have subscribed the insurance required by law.

10) The customer embarks in full awareness of the risks and dangers that the service may entail. In the event of an accident not dependent on the captain's responsibility or fault, the captain will not be able to claim or request compensation from the captain or suppliers. A personal accident insurance is recommended.

11) The customer is committed to informing the captain of any health problems, drug or food allergies or other specific personal needs prior to boarding, on a strictly personal basis.

12) If he is unable to swim or has other personal impediments, the customer undertakes to inform the captain and to accept every precaution that he decides to implement to protect his safety and security.

13) The customer declares to have been informed and to be well aware of the characteristics of the service, those of the boat and the related conditions and living spaces and the number of people who can be embarked on the same service.

14) It is the captain's right, for the protection of customers and for the safety of the trip, to disembark anyone who behaves incorrectly, not suited to the orderly performance of the service or to a serene and disciplined coexistence, cause damage or harassment to other Guests or, in any way, it endangers their safety and tranquility.

15) The baggage carried on board must be limited and essential.

16) Each participant is the sole custodian of their personal objects and effects and is personally responsible for them in the event of theft, loss or damage. It is also responsible for damage caused to the boat by malicious or negligent behavior or in contrast with the provisions and instructions given by the captain.

17) For anything not governed by this writing, reference is made to the applicable Italian Laws.

18) The Court of Venice will have exclusive jurisdiction for any and all disputes arising from this contract.

19) Privacy: the data provided on the occasion of this contract will be stored and processed by Being Digital srls (as data controller) exclusively for contractual and accounting purposes, in full compliance with the Code regarding the protection of personal data referred to in D .Lgs. N. 193/2003. The signing of this contract constitutes consent by the customer, also in the name and on behalf of the Guests, pursuant to art. 26 of the aforementioned Legislative Decree, to the aforementioned data processing, declaring the same to have been fully informed of his rights pursuant to art. 13 of the aforementioned Legislative Decree no. 193/2003. FOR ACKNOWLEDGMENT AND ACCEPTANCE OF THIS CONTRACT COMPOSED OF NO. 1 PAGES is signed by the customer.


Being Digitals Srls - Registered office: Via del Ghebo 26, 30173 Venice - VAT number 04600520276
• Suppliers declare, also pursuant to art. 1341 and 1342 c. c., to have read and specifically approve the contract clauses listed above and in particular the following:

2 - Withdrawal by the Customer;
3 - Withdrawal by the Supplier;
5 and 6 - Program changes;
8 - Breakdowns and failures;
14 - Behavior on board;
16 - Custody of personal effects;
18 - Exclusive competent court;
19 - Privacy, authorization to process data


1) The glass factory is located on the island of Murano, fondamenta Serenella 1, 30141 VENICE, and can be reached by public services at the MURANO COLONNA stop.

2) The opening hours of the glass factory to use the ticket purchased, are from 09.00 to 17.00 every day.

3) The purchased ticket is valid for a period of 60 days from the date booked.

4) The purchase of the ticket takes place subject to payment by credit card and is non-refundable.

5) To use the service it is compulsory to show the voucher, received by e-mail in your mailbox provided to us during the booking phase.

6) The demonstration of the master glassmaker will be accompanied by an explanation in several languages ​​by the staff of the glassworks.

7) The private demonstration will be available from 17.00 to 19.00 only on request through the various channels.

8) With the purchase of the ticket you are entitled to a 25% discount on the goods on display.

9) The XE VERO glassworks declares to have subscribed the insurance required by law.

10) All the products of the XE VERO glassworks are made in Murano.